Membership Criteria

The P2PFA welcomes applications for membership from prospective new members.

Membership Criteria

1. Application for membership of the P2PFA is open to platforms which facilitate debt-based or asset-backed finance via an electronic platform by means of direct contracts between investors and borrowers, with some investment funds drawn from retail investors (including high net worth individuals).

2. P2PFA member platforms must demonstrate high standards of credit risk and operational risk management, and embrace high standards of transparency, including providing clear, balanced and fair information to all customers.

3. Member platforms must demonstrate full commitment to the P2PFA’s Operating Principles.

4. Member platforms are required to abide by the P2PFA Rules of Association.

5. Prospective new members must be able to demonstrate that, in addition to meeting the criteria above, they have a sound and responsible business model.

Application Process

Applications should be presented in writing to, stating the reasons for the platform wishing to join the P2PFA, and demonstrating in appropriate detail compliance with the P2PFA’s membership criteria.

Applications received will be considered by the Director, Independent Chair and Independent Director, and determined on a recommendation to the P2PFA Board.

November 2017